NEF Law College, Guwahati :: A premier Law School of Eastern India

The advent of globalisation and its attendent issues has alerted the foundational backdrop of the legal culture and the activities centered around law, which demands serious attention of the policy makers and intellectuals. Law is no longer confined to its traditional paradigm of being identified as a mere discourse which controls external human conducts and ensures social justice. Law is slowly revealing itself as an essential medium of change as it proved to be a constructive and useful mechanism for implementation of economic policy, thereby strenghthening the foundation of economy.

The new notion of law and jurisprudence demands a different attitude to legal studies and research. Theoretical knowledge – one mere confined to legal texts without interdisciplinary studies and practical exposure is unwarranted in the present day context, as one can not develop the skill of deciphering the legal issues which have surfaced as a result of the emergence of new economic understanding and technological development of the present millennium. All these necessitates Lawyers, Academics and Researchers with exposure and skill to play a crucial role in chartering the course of our nation with sensitivity, vision, conviction and dedication. This requires institution of high standards, which will stimulate intellectual inquiry and excellence.

In view of this, NEF Law College will not only imbibe the tradition of multidisciplinary approach to the legal studies and research but also will make a genuine endeavour to propagate such approach to both the privileged and unprivileged learners and researchers of law and jurisprudence and thus strive to emancipate such interdisciplinary culture from the elitist dogmatism and carry the same to the grassroots level of the society. The Institution will earnestly aspire to strengthen the foundation of democratic and social values in our young generation and mould them into "social engineers" who will work towards building a "new India.


1. To advance and disseminate learning and knowledge of law and legal processes
2. To develop in the students a sense of responsibility to serve society in the field of law by developing skills   in regard to advocacy, legal services, legislation, parliamentary practice, law reforms and such other     matters; and
3. To make law and legal processes efficient instruments of social development.