NEF Law College, Guwahati :: A premier Law School of Eastern India

The College offers Two Year full-time LL.M. program, on completion of which will earn the student a LL.M.Degree to be awarded by Gauhati University.

The duration of the LL.M. degree course shall be for a period of two academic years. Each academic year is divided into two semesters, each semester having an average of 100 working / teaching days. The academic terms shall ordinarily be between January to June and July to December.

The LL.M. course is a full- time course and no student is permitted to purse simultaneously any other course. The admission of a student can be cancelled at any stage for violation of this rule.

Eligibility for Admission

A candidate for admission to the LL.M. Course must have LL.B. / Five Year Integrated degree in Law from a recognized University with at least 50% aggregate marks (45% for SC/ST candidates).

No of Seats : 50

Reservation of seats

Reservation as per norms laid in relevent Act / rule of Govt./ Gauhati University.

Admission Procedure

For admission to the First Semester LL.M. course, every eligible candidate shall have to appear in a Written Test conducted by Gauhati University. Admission shall be made strictly as per the Select List prepared by the University. The Entrance Test shall be of One Paper of descriptive type questions. The duration shall be four hours carrying 200 Marks.

Students seeking admision need to apply online in University Portal :

Selected students need to apply separately to the College in the Prescribed Admission Form along with the Admit Card of the Entrance Test of GU and all relevant academic testimonials for preparation of College Merit List. Admission shall be made as per Merit List prepared by the College.

Admission Form & Prospectus can be obtained from the College Office on payment of Rs. 500/- or by post by sending a DD for Rs. 550/- made in favour of "NEF Law College" payable at Guwahati. Admission Form & Prospectus can also be downloaded from the website : . A Demand Draft of Rs. 500/- (Five hundred only) has to be enclosed with the downloaded Form.

1001 Basics of Constitutional Law of India
1002 Fedaralism under the Constitution of India
1003 Modern Theories of Law and State
1004 Theory of Legislation
1005 Hindu Law-I
2001 Civil Liberaties and Judicial Process
2002 Law & Justice
2003 Method of Interpretation of Statutes
2004 Hindu Law-II
2005 Legal Reserch Methodology
Gruop-301 : Constitutional Law
Gruop-401 : Administrative Law
3011 Principles of Constitutional Law-I
3012 Principles of Constitutional Law-II
3013 Comparative Constitutional Law-I
3014 Comparative Constitutional Law-II
4011 Principles of Administrative Law-I
4012 Principles of Administrative Law-II
4013 Indian Administrative Law-I
4014 Indian Administrative Law-II
Gruop-302 : Criminal Law-I
Gruop-402 : Criminal Law-II
3021 Law of Crimes-I
3022 Law of Crimes-II
3023 Socio-Economic Crimes-I
3024 Socio-Economic Crimes-II
4021 Criminal Jurisprudence-I
4022 Criminal Jurisprudence-II
4023 Criminology
4024 Penology
Gruop-303 : Commercial Law-I
Gruop-403 : Commercial Law-II
3031 Princ. of Law of Contract, Agency Indemnity etc
3032 Law of Sale of Goods
3033 Law of Banking and Negotiable Instruments
3034 Law of Insurance
4031 Indian Trade Laws
4032 Law of Export & Import
4033 WTO Laws
4034 Corporate Laws
Gruop-304 : Corporate Law
Gruop-404 : Corporate Law-II
3041 Corporate Organisation
3042 Corporate Finance and Securities
3043 Law relating to Company Management and Admin.
3044 Law relating to winding up Companies
4041 Law of Corporate Merger and Acquisition
4042 Law relating to Corporate Taxation
4043 Law relating to Multinational Corporations
4044 Corporate responsibility under C.P. Act
Gruop-305 : Human Rights-I
Gruop-405 : Human Rights-II
3051 International Bill of Human Rights, Right to Development and Right to Environment
3052 Conventions
3053 Regional Bodies and Collective Rights
3054 Courts & Tribunals
4051 International and National Institution on HR
4052 Humanitarian Law-I
4053 Humanitarian Law-II
4054 Refugee Law
Gruop-306 : International Law-I
Gruop-406 : International Law-II
3061 Foundation of International Law
3062 States of International Law
3063 International Organisations
3064 Law of Treaties
4061 Non-use of Force in International Law
4062 Peaceful Settlement of Disputes in Intl. Law
4063 International Economic & Environmental Law
4064 International Law of Sea, Air & Space
Gruop-307 : Intellectual Property Rights
Gruop-407 : Environmental Law
3071 International Aspects of Intellectual Property
3072 International Conventions on IPR
3073 Various aspects of IPR in National Perspective
3074 The Objective of Protection of IPR in the form of GI etc
4071 International Perspective of Environmental Protection and Global Monitoring
4072 Environmental Laws in India
4073 Environment and Pollution Acts & Laws
4074 Law Relating to Environmental Pollution and Protection on Human Environment
Gruop-308 : ADR in India & Abroad
Gruop-408 : Family Law
3081 Law Relating to Domestic Arbitration
3082 Making of Arbitral Award and Termination Proceedings
3083 Judicial Intervention in Arbitration Process
3084 International Aspect of Arbitration
4081 Family Patriarchy and Gender Justice
4082 Marriage and Divorce in Conflict of Laws
4083 Succession & Inheritance
4084 Maintenance, Guardianship, Adoption and Endowments
There will be Five compulsory / Core papers each in each of the 1st and 2nd Semesters (30 Credits). The 3rd and 4th Semester will have Elective Groups. Each Group will have 4 papers. Each student will have to opt for one of the groups from each of the 3rd and 4th semesters (24 Credits). Each of the papers of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th semesters will carry 100 Marks/ 20 Marks for Internal Evaluation during the semester and 80 marks for external evaluation through end-semester examination. There will be a Dissertation spread over 3rd & 4th Semesters which will carry 200 Marks (12 Credits). Total Marks is 2000 which is of 120 credits.

Note : The Elective Groups will be offered to the students subject to availability of teachers and other infrastructural support